Friday, April 6, 2012

Moonlight Spaghetti

Steam wafted upward from the bubbling pot. Gonga tilted the lid a bit to let more steam escape and poked at the noodles. Once again, he was aiding and abetting his good former friend Derrick in becoming even more of a “former” friend. Well, maybe not exactly. It was true that Derrick pretty much belonged to Lilia now. But at least he managed to keep up with Gonga somewhat, even if it was to help with all the details Derrick somehow didn’t have time for.

Gonga dashed a bit more oregano into the pan of tomato sauce. The onions had browned nicely and now the garlic was blending in as well.

What were friends for except to help cook up awesome dates for each other?
Gonga grinned as his own wit. Maybe Derrick would return the favor someday. Or not. Derrick was notoriously bad at cooking anything that wasn’t already in a freeze-dried, shrink wrapped package that just needed water added at high altitudes.
The timer beeped and Gonga shifted the noodles to the strainer waiting for him in the sink.

He had plenty of time on his hands since Derrick had decided to take Lilia out to a moonlight location for spaghetti. They had to wait for the moon to come up first.
Half an hour later Gonga had loaded pasta and sauce into separate containers and manhandled it into the back of Derrick’s car.

He stood back as Derrick pealed out, leaving him in a cloud of burning rubber.
Gonga looked up at the cold moonlight.

He shook himself once, then turned and prowled off downtown.

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